Massage Wand, Clear Quartz Fused

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Yet another wonderful order! - Greetings! I received my completed order yesterday & couldn't be more pleased. The Leather Binder that will serve as my Grimoire is absolutely beautiful; it is a sturdy, impressive tome & the leather is so incredibly soft. I am also very happy with the rest of the order that I received; the purple skirt is wonderfully long (I find it hard to find long skirts that are long enough :D) and very flattering & my husband (as always) loves his shirt & is boyishly excited with his cane sword. Your customer service is top notch, as always, even with impatient, moody witches as customers ;)Thank you very much & Blessed Be
Nadia Quaestor
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Clear Quartz Massage Wand

Clear quartz wand measures approximately 4 3/4 to 5 inches.
Each quartz fused rounded wand is crystal clear measuring approximately 3/4 inch at the larger end tapering down to 1/3 inch.

Limited Supply - Discontinued from Maker.