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Midnight Sky Owl & Tree Glass Pyramid Box

Energize Wishes with a Pyramid
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The Divine Cauldron

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This was my first time ordering and I have to say I was very pleased and will order again!!! Blessed Be!! Thank you
Theresa Peterson
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Midnight Sky Pyramid with Owl and Tree

A pewter owl accents the front of this midnight sky glass pyramid along with the Etching of a Tree. A small pearl crystal-like bead on the front allows ease of opening the pyramid. Each item measures approximately 4 x 4 inches.

The Midnight Sky Glass resembles fairy dust glittering in the night sky.

Each art glass wishing pyramid has a mirrored base with a door that opens from the top with a little crystal ball. Ancient Egyptians used the pyramids to generate, transmit and transform energy, known to be a great amplifier of thoughts. It is considered the most positive talisman on Earth. Each pyramid includes a multi-lingual information card (English, Spanish, French and German). Each is enclosed in a gift box.

Pyramids are known for energizing items from wishes to crystals. Write a wish on a piece of paper and insert it in the pyramid.