Millennial Gaia Wall Plaque

Morning Glory & Oberon Zell's Love of the Earth Masterpiece.

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Yet another wonderful order! - Greetings! I received my completed order yesterday & couldn't be more pleased. The Leather Binder that will serve as my Grimoire is absolutely beautiful; it is a sturdy, impressive tome & the leather is so incredibly soft. I am also very happy with the rest of the order that I received; the purple skirt is wonderfully long (I find it hard to find long skirts that are long enough :D) and very flattering & my husband (as always) loves his shirt & is boyishly excited with his cane sword. Your customer service is top notch, as always, even with impatient, moody witches as customers ;)Thank you very much & Blessed Be
Nadia Quaestor
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Millenial Gaia Plaque
by Morning Glory & Oberon Zell, Mythic Images©

Morning Glory and Oberon's greatest masterwork, the Millennial Gaia is the Goddess image for the new Millennium! This "Sermon in Stone" is Oberon's expression of a growing global Earth-based consciousness. More and more of "mainstream" culture is becoming aware of the name and concept of "Gaia."

Wall Plaque of Gaia measures approx.7 1/2 inches diameter; 1 1/2 inches thick

You will find similar images on the plaque as on the Millennial Gaia Statue such as:
- Engraved tattoos on her legs display the evolution on life in the seas
- Similar engravings on her arms representing the forests.
- Her right breast is a cornucopia of nourishing fruits and vegetables
- Her left breast-over Her heart-is the Moon
- Her Hair accented on the plaque features tiny creatures tracing the evolution of vertebrate life on the land, and her braids represent the double helix of DNA forming the umbilical branches of the Tree of Life.
- Lovely Greens, Sea Blues and Golds highlight your Gaia Plaque.