Moon Blessings Candle 3x4

Handmade with essential oils for Moon Rituals, Celebrations and Blessings.

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Perfection. I've ordered a few times now and the first time, me being myself, forgot to order a few items. I was ever so happy to find out that my order was lumped together. I've ordered a couple more times from the website and I almost always seem to forget something I want and have to place a second order. To find my items lumped together with all of my ordering slips is such a wonderful thing and the items are absolutely perfect. I keep coming back and recommending people to the site. A few people even know that if they want to get me something, all they have to do is ask what I want from the website. The packages always arrive on time and I absolutely love the stock. I'm just waiting for my next pay check to place another order.
Victoria Jones-LaBlance
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Moon Blessings Candle 3x4
made with Essential Oils

A wonderful candle for Moon Blessings.

The scent is pure smelling as they are made with essential oils providing a strong natural aroma that is not overly perfumed. They smell wonderful even without burning!

Handmade Candle crafted with Essential Oils of Vetiver, Amber, and Nagchampa
Measures approximately 3 x 4 inches.