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Mouse Prayer Poster

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I just want to say thank you so much for being so prompt and accurate with my order. I was ordering a present for a friend for Yule and was worried I had waited a bit too long, but I just received my order today - only three business days after I placed the order! Plus, the hand-written sentiment on the invoice made me smile after a long day at work. ^__^ Thank you and Blessed Be.
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Travis Bowmans
Mouse Prayer Poster

Accented by the beautiful symbolic artwork of Eliot Alexander and written by Travis Bowman, the Mouse Prayer Poster offers you a quiet prayer to aid you when being as unseen and furtive as a mouse might be the best course in your life. Keep it upon your wall to remind you that being small and overlooked is not always a bad thing, and utter the prayer when you need to take that message to heart.
Printed on 8 1/2" by 11" parchment, the prayer reads:

I call quietly to you.
Guide me to that which is hidden and overlooked.
Scamper close and whisper to me your secrets.
Teach me to examine the tiny details,
To dive ever deeper into knowledge,
And to find the many meanings contained in all things.
Carry away that which is wasteful in my life. Help me remember the rewards for
Determination and diligence.
Raise my awareness of all that is around me
And warn me of danger.
Help me defend the things I love with
Ferocity and intelligence.
Grant me your caution and vigilance
And remind me to leap when the time comes to leap.
Mouse, I call to you.