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Mr. Money Soap

Bring to you and your home: wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

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Received my 1st order and was pleased with the overall smooth transaction: quality of the items, speedy shipment, and the courtesy gift. 13 Moons is now bookmarked for future orders.
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Mr. Money Bath Soap

Mr. Money - Don Dinero Soap is designed to draw money to you in all manners! Don Dinero, Mr. Money is the folk saint or spirit of money, prosperity, and abundance. Call on Don Dinero when you need help with a financial situation.

Take a bath with this before playing games of chance, before business deals, when doing your accounting and when in need of customers.

Wash with Mr. Money Soap while praying or meditating on your desired result. 4 ounce Glycerin Spiritual Bar Soap. Bar measures approximately 3 inches x 2 1/4 inches x 1 inch thick.