Oak Grove Wand

Natural Oak Wand - Earthy Energy from Abby Willowroot.

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Oak Wand
by Abby Willowroot ~ Real Magic Wands

This elegant and simple oak wand contains a small crystal sphere surrounded by pewter oak leaves. The shaft is natural oak wood. Each one is cleansed and blessed as part of its creation. This wand combines the energy of sacred groves and ancient forests. Oak is a symbol of strength, wisdom, sacred knowledge, earth, and the miracles of nature's cycles.

Beautifully crafted of oak and fine 100% lead-free pewter in Abby's Studio here in the U.S. giving your wand strength, conductivity, and beauty.
This wand measures approximately 11 inches long.

The fine finish on the oak shaft gives it a soft glow. Colored waxes can be rubbed into the oak to give it a subtle and unique energy that is all your own. Candles, especially those used for sacred circles or rituals, work well for this. Stones, charms and other small treasures can also be attached to the oak shaft. A simple and elegant wooden magic wand that calls forth sacred groves and ancient earth mysteries. Three oak leaves clasp the sphere at the top of the wand, a single oak leaf also adorns the bottom of this wand. The oak wood shaft is a rich golden color and the characteristic oak grain is clearly visible. Oak is a sacred wood in many traditions and cultures.

The Oak Grove Wand is an excellent wand for all types of spell work. The earthy energy of this wand provides solid grounding for any type of magical workings. A Wand that echoes the countless ancient rituals in sacred groves.

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