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Paleo Shaman Patch

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I've made a couple of purchases here. The service is top notch. Fast shipping and delivery. I had an online business for 7 years and unfortunately it's rare to find one that does it right by the customer. 13 Moons is a credit to the e-commerce industry. They've earned regular customers in both me and my daughter. Thanks 13 Moons!
Michael Wells
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3 inch Paleo Iron-On Patch

Depicting one of the oldest cave paintings in Europe, this patch displays what appears to be a man within the body of an animal... with antlers and four legs but a facial image that seems to resemble a lemur with feline qualities. This is a piece of unique imagery often described as representing the shamanic journey of those who understood the ways of nature. Display this 3 inch diameter iron-on patch on your backpack, coat, or clothing to express your own inner journey.