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Pentacle Cauldron Pendant by Abby

Wear as a jewelry or use as an altar piece.
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HI just got box of goodies form 13 Moons, I got the 7 drops of love roll-on, OMG that is the most amazing blend I ever had. I threw out all my other cologne. Just one little roll on that and I got many comments on how intoxicating it is. Don't know what is in it, but the vibe is just amazing. I got many other things from you guys and its such a treat to get those goodie boxes in the mail. I'm hooked on those roll on oils. Thanks so much and I'm looking forward for more. Many blessings.
adrian jackman
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Pentacle Cauldron
by Abby Willowroot

A charming Witch's Cauldron Pendant to enjoy as a necklace or as an Altar Piece when you are not wearing it. This is another Abby Willowroot original design!

Wicca and the skills of the Witch are the message of this Star Cauldron Pendant. This is a very popular piece with Wiccans, Pagans and other magickal folks.

The Jewelry you will find here among the pages of Abby Willowroot which we offer are not brought in by the boat load from overseas, her jewelry was designed and carefully crafted in the USA at Willowroot's Studio.

The pieces here aren't just products, they are pieces of personal adornment created for those who know the difference between mass product trinkets, and personal treasures. Abby has been serving the Metaphysical Community Since 1967.