Pentacle Soapstone Oil Diffuser 3 1/2 inches

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Thank you very much for these powerful items, and for the felicity of your extremely caring inclusion of the 1" pentagram, the absorbing & eloquent arrangement of your newspaper wadding scrim (whose folds & edges i explicated like I was working through one of the cleromantic mechanisms in the I Ching with haruspictic intention), & for your very kind notes on the 13 Moons magical supplies invoice. I have already been having some far-out experiences with these objects; I am very grateful to you, thank you very much. This shop has the best stuff!!! Thank you! Yours truly,
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Pedestal Style Pentagram Soapstone Oil Lamp

Sculpted of two separate pieces, this oil diffuser is a nice work of art crafted of soapstone. The bottom piece consists of a candle holder, decorated with cut outs of Pentacles on three sides. One side is open for easy placement and removal of the tea light. Nestled on top is a small, removable basin which sits over your tea light candle and heats the oil you place inside, filling the room in which it burns with the soothing fragrance of the oil of your choice.

Measures 3 x 4 inches overall. Removable basin measures 2 1/8 inches across.

Please Note: No Tea Light Included. You will find tea lights in our candle section.

Oils and herbs may be used to release purifying and magickal scents! Be creative and use oils and herbs together!
If using only oils - place a few drops of your favorite oil or oil blend, fill the diffuser with water and light your candle in base.
When using herbs, example: patchouli, half fill or fill the bowl with the herb, cover with water and light candle. For more potentcy, add a drop or two of a complimentary oil.