Phoenix Rising Necklace

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13 Moons is the best. I love 13 moons, I buy all my witchie things from them and i love the little notes on the order sheet :D
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Phoenix Rising Necklace

The name "Phoenix" means a God of Phoenicia.
It is a mythical bird which evolved from the beliefs of sun-worshipping peoples.
The sun was thought to fly through the sky, immolated and reborn by the fires of sunset and sunrise.
The "Phoenix" became a symbol of ressurrection; burning in the fires, yet being reborn.

Mythology tells us that this great bird lived for several centuries, then built its own funeral pyre,lit it, and descended into the flames. After its body burned up, it would arise newborn, out of the ashes.........

actual size: 1 1/4" h X 7/8"w
Adjustable black cord included.

Original design by Christopher Bennett 2002