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Protection - Witch's Hand Scrub by 13 Moons

Protect your self against negative energies with 13 Moon's Witch's Protection Hand Scrub!

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13 Moons

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I just want to take a moment and say thank you! to the entire staff at 13 Moons! I have ordered a few times now through your web site and I was blown away by your TOP NOTCH customer service both times! When I opened my box, everything was wrapped and packaged as though it was not just some order but it felt like a gift from a loved one! The few extra free things added and the kind folks who packed both my ordered even give that personal touch by hand signing a message on the slip. I LOVE you all and thank you again 13 Moons. I'm one HAPPY customer!
Micah Glynn
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Protection - Witch's Hand Scrub by 13 Moons

2 ounce jar of Protection Hand Scrub. Each is made here at 13 Moons with essential oils (Basil, Mugwort, Geranium, Pine, Sage and more) sea salt, coconut oil and natural coloring. - all that is needed is you! Rub on hands and feet to create a protective seal against evil spirits, hexes, curses and negative energies, etc.


  • Protection in all matters including hexes, curses, evil spirits, negative energy, uncrossing, etc
  • Protection before doing a spell or ritual
  • Protection everyday
  • May be used on hands and/or feet
  • Sage will give you wisdom as you purify and protect in all ways whether home, family, uncrossing, etc.
  • Basil is known to sooth tempers, harmonize, keep away evil, keep lover true to you, rid bad moods.
  • Mugwort is associated with strength and protection in all that you do
  • Geranium is best known for protection as well as releasing negatives as you balance. This oil is also excellent for healthy skin.
  • Scotch Pine is to aid in centering, purification, used in exorcisms and used for protection.
  • Sea Salt's natural minerals are excellent not only for your skin but also used in blessings, purification and protection.
  • Coconut oil is moisturizing and one of the healthiest oils for your skin; strengthening, purifying and protecting. Added into this blend you have protection in all matters as well as toning and protecting your skin.

To use: Scoop a small amount (size of a dime) with your fingers and rub the entire surface of your hands and/or feet. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
You may say a protection prayer or chant while scrubbing and rinsing.

For external use only.