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Rainbow Moonstone Modular Pendulum Necklace

Exclusive design for oils and more.

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Modular Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

This Rainbow Moonstone Modular necklace pendulum can be worn as a pendulum or the point can be used alone on the chain. Because the point is modular, the point can be used as pendulum by itself, the point on a wand, or even the point on the L-Rods we carry. Each Modular Rainbow Moonstone Necklace is in a small gift box.

These necklaces are much more than beautiful jewelry! Excellent design and craftsmanship of necklace, pendulum, gemstone and chamber - all in one! Great original design!< p>Rainbow Moonstone reflects light. It is also a chamber pendulum. Chamber pendulums are used for Aromatherapy diffusers, witness chambers, herbal remedies, radionics, homopathics, essential oils, map dowsing, and healing practices. The pendulums can be opened so that one can use its inside chamber. For example, healers place saliva on a small piece of cotton inside the chamber so they can work with the DNA of their subject.

The Chamber Pendulum Necklaces are an exclusive design and may be used for essential oils or other materials. The objects in the chamber are influenced by the properties of the gemstone.

Please Note: When listed as "modular", these items are an exclusive design and are interchangeable with other pendulums, key chains, necklaces and Dowsing Rods which are also listed as modular. Allows you to mix and match your divination tools!

Award-Winning Modular Pendulum System
Best Divination Product ~ COVR Awards, INATS