Ramblers Prayer Poster

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Ramblers Prayer Poster

A wonderful poster for all of those who feel as though they wander throughout life, the Ramblers Prayer poster offers a prayer written by spiritual wordsmith Travis Bowman, to help you find strength and guidance within your travel through life. Depicted against a background of a winding path working its way into mountains, the words read:

May I always have a backpack to carry my soul.
May my legs always be strong enough to carry me on
to the next place I call home
May I walk in places where the moon rises at 3 pm
To splash my pale shadow against
rain-wet ground.
May I also walk in the morning and watch the
world awaken while the rising sun
brushes cobweb fog from its eyes.
Should you grant me this,
I promise
to never pass an unknown trail
without pausing,
to search for your presence in
all things,
to worship leaves as well as trees,
raindrops as wella s storms
dust as well as mountains.
I promise to keep my eyes on the horizon,
to sing and smile
to meet the eyes of every person I see,
and I swear
I will keep walking as long as there is a road.

Printed on an 8.5" by 11" parchment poster.