Rhiannon Bronze Pendant, Rainbow Moonstone

From Paul Borda's Original Art for abundance, strength, healing, wisdom, and protection. Rhiannon is shown on her beautiful horse and with her accompanying sacred birds, plus a genuine rainbow moonstone setting. She is an image of strength and guidance. Enjoy wearing this beautiful pendant and feel nearer to the Goddess Rhiannon!
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Dryad Design's
Rhiannon Pendant
Bronze with Rainbow Moonstone Setting

Rhiannon is derived from the earlier Welsh that literally translates as Great Queen Goddess. She rode a pale white horse, carried the magical bag of abundance, and the song of her three sacred birds was so perfect it held power over life and death. A prince who attempted to overtake her rode for several days before asking her to wait. Known rewarding those who ask for what they want, she stopped immediately, saying "And it would have been better for your horse had you asked long before this."

Wear for: abundance, strength, healing, wisdom, and protection.

Your Rhiannon pendant is derived from an original design by Paul Borda of Dryad Design. It is made of high quality jewelers bronze with rainbow moonstone setting and measures 1 3/4 height x 1 3/8 width in inches, or 4.4 in height by 3.4 in width in cm.