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Romantic Guide To Handfasting by Anna Franklin

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Merry Meet, Blessed Friends!! My latest orders were presents for non-Wiccan friends -- they couldn't express how much they loved their gifts. Some of these friends, in turn, ordered from your site: some of them have even begun an interest in Wiccan religion!!! :)) Maybe some day we'll have our own coven going!! Keep the faith, friends!!!Blessed Be,
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A Romantic Guide to Handfasting
Rituals, Recipes & Lore

by Anna Franklin

A Handful of Wildflowers and a Sacred Promise of Love

Sacred and solemn, handfasting is a marriage rite practiced by Pagans, Druids, Witches, and Shamans for centuries. Anna Franklin explores the fascinating origins of this beautiful ritual and provides practical advice and ideas for planning your own handfasting celebration.

From choosing wedding garb to rings to selecting a date, this guidebook offer a wealth of ways to infuse your handfasting day with magic and symbolism. A Romantic Guide to Handfasting presents and inspiring collection of handfasting and marriage folklore, customs, and traditions from all over the world. It includes the symbolism and mythology of homosexual gods and goddesses for same-sex unions.

Also offered in this comprehensive guide:

  • Handfasting themes
  • Vows
  • Rituals
  • Spells
  • Instructions for making magical incenses and oils
  • Sample invitations and certificates
  • Charms
  • Recipes for your celebration feast
  • Flower and herb correspondences
  • Toasts and blessings