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Rose Quartz Natural Stone

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I just wanted to say that I have put in my first two orders with 13 moons and have been talking with them on Facebook and they are the sweetest most helpful people. Being new to this practice, to being a Witch, I was excited to find such kind, insightful, and helpful people. They are helping to guide me with their own experiences and their products are wonderful. They are also a wealth of information on the products they carry and are ready to advise on what you are hoping to accomplish with your purchases. Wonderful website and friends, so glad that I found them.
Mystical Journey
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Rough Rose Quartz

Natural Rose Quartz Piece. Each measure 2 - 3 inches.

Rose Quartz is known to promote independence, responsibility and progression. Facilitates in remembering dreams. Useful in Love. Use for heart chakra.