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Sacred Snake Wand

A symbol of Rebirth and Transformation, the Snake Wand will aid you in ridding what no longer serves you.

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Sacred Snake Wand
by Abby Willowroot ~ Real Magic Wands

A smooth, flowing, sensuous, large Sacred Snake Wand. This extraordinary magic wand is 18 inches long and weighs 1 1/2 pounds!

The lead-free pewter used in this wand has a 5% pure silver content for enhanced energy flow and a smooth, sleek feel.

Minoan priestesses worshiped the Ancient Goddess using a pair of snake wands. A priestess today can use one or two of the Sacred Snake Wands for powerful ritual and spell work.

This wand feels good in your hand, and is a timeless symbol of authority and sacred transformation.

Snakes are a traditional symbol of rebirth and transformation. The shedding of the snake's skin is a metaphor for shedding what no longer serves you, old habits, past hurts, and anything you no longer want to carry into the future with you.

The Sacred Snake Wand is hand polished and requires a great deal of individual care to create it. Abby does recommend a Wand Stand for the Sacred Snake Wand, it is far better to place it flat on an altar and table, and place stones or other sacred objects around it.

The Sacred Snake Wand is lovingly crafted of the finest 100% lead-free pewter, for luster, strength and conductivity.

Each wand is hand crafted here in the U.S. at Willowroot's Wand Studio. Your wand will ship separate from other items you may purchase; ships directly from Willowroot's Studio.

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