Sphere Salt Lamp with Stand and Cord

Improve a room -- Enhance your home -- Heal Mind, Body and Spirit

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I keep coming back for more! It all started with a candle. now I'm waiting on my third order from 13 moons. Each time I'm delightfully surprised with how fast the packages get here. They also have great customer support should you have any questions!
Cody Dittmar
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Natural Crystal Salt Lamp Sphere

Improve a room -- Enhance your home -- Heal Mind, Body and Spirit. If you have allergies or asthma, you may find relief from a Salt Lamp. This is mined salt which has been hollowed out and in which you can use a small light. You will love the glow given through the crystal -- stimulating yet soothing. As the salt crystal is heated by the bulb, the crystal releases negative ions which are the same healthy ions in the sea and mountain air. These are the ions normally missing in your office and/or home. Some people use air purifiers to rid the room of pollutants and many are now turning to the Salt Lamps for a beautiful alternative!

Each Salt Lamp we sell includes an electric cord, light bulb and wood base.
Sphere Lamp measures 5 inches tall, weighs between 7 to over 8 pounds. Each includes the stand, UL approved cord and bulb.

Each Salt Lamp is unique and will vary from the photo. The colors are natural and will vary depending on the mineral content. The colors we have available are pinkish-salmon. The shapes are as various and unique as the individuals who craft them. Rock patterns, cracks and fissures will occur naturally in the stone and these are not to be considered flaws in the lamp but nature's beautiful individuality.