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Seance Glass Divination Board

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Excellent First Impressions. This was the very first time I've ever ordered altar items online and quite frankly, I was nervous. The very night I ordered my items, I got an email saying they were shipped and given a tracking number. However I didn't even get the chance to track it because it came before I even expected it. Upon opening it, I was very surprised to find a personally hand written thank you note and the items I ordered, in perfect condition. It's always a little scary to order stuff online from smaller or less well known websites such as Amazon, but you'll also miss out on the opportunity to feel like you really mean something to your seller.I was very pleased with my purchase from 13 moons and will definitely be returning in the future.Blessed Be.
Brandon Cassata
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Seance Glass Message Board

The Seance Message Board is 10 inches square and is made of tempered glass. There is a clear "window" in the chart, place a photo or write the name of the person you want to contact under the chart so you can see it through the glass.

The subconscious sees the whole chart. Every time you change the picture or name in the chart you create a new chart. Instructions are included.

Spiraling Chakra Color Art is in the center with the Numbers 1 through 10 radiating out. Yes, No, Goodbye are on the bottom portion along with the clear "window". The Alphabet is on the outer border with artful Suns and Moons decorating the corners.

Please Note: No Pendulum is included.