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Snake Pentacle Pendant

Are you looking for a Pentacle whose essence is magical transformation?

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My heart races when I receive an order from this company! I can't wait to open the packaging. It's like getting a gift from a family member. Each product is hand wrapped and the paperwork is hand signed with a charm or charms! I love each item I receive. Great customer service also. I will always recommend this company to others! Thank you 13moons for all you do! Blessed be!
Traci Eubanks
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Snake Pentacle Pendant
By Abby Willowroot

Transformation and rebirth are the essential aspects of this very special Snake Star Pentacle Pendant. Snake represents claiming your power and connecting to wisdom and strengths of ancient Pagans. Are you looking for a Pentacle whose essence is magical transformation? If so, this is a perfect choice.

The Snakes Pentacle Pendant is a powerful affirmation of all you believe. This is a perfect Talisman for Wiccans, Pagans, Witches and Wizards. A powerful protection amulet to wear everyday.

The Snake Pentacle Pendant is from the Celtic and Dragon Designs Collection of Abby Willowoot which features Celtic designs, folklore, dragons and serpents.
Measures approximately 2 inches long.
Includes free cord or chain.

Each of Abby's wands and jewelry pieces are made in California, U.S., with care and skill. Each one is made with the finest materials, positive intent, careful craftsmanship and great energy, everything a fine wand deserves, a fine piece of jewelry deserves... and more importantly... Everything You deserve!