Spanish Moss Voodoo Doll Purple

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Purple Voodoo Doll Handcrafted
with Spanish Moss

Handmade Voodoo Doll crafted with Spanish Moss and Purple Material. Made exclusively at 13 Moons for you!
Sizes vary measuring approximately 10 to 15 inches.

Your doll can represent male or female. Use as is or you can personalize your doll more by adding button eyes and mouth, gluing bean eyes and bean mouth, drawing on eyes, nose and mouth with paint or marker and by adding any personal items you would like such as beads, silk flowers, dried herbs, feathers, etc.

Purple are commonly known and used for:

  • Spiritual
  • Divination
  • Psychic Work
  • Countering Negatives
  • Reversing Curses, Spells and Jinxes
  • Meditation
  • Overcoming/Relieving Grief
  • Rememberance of those gone before us
  • Inspiration
  • Astral Travel
  • Balancing Depression
  • Healing Deadly Diseases
  • Business Improvement
  • Personal Magickal Powers
  • Psychic and Spiritual Healing
  • Third Eye
  • Psychic Protection
  • Material Wealth
  • Control
  • Happiness
  • Banish past モcrapヤ that is creating chaos in your life now

Use a Voodoo Doll to represent a specific person of whom you want to make changes. The doll represents the spirit of that person. You may also use the doll to represent yourself. You can speak to the doll as if you are speaking to that person, telling them what changes and influences you want/expect/need.