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Spiral Goddess She Who Pendant

Claim the power and magic at your core and let yourself shine!
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She Who Pendant
By Abby Willowroot
by Abby Willowroot

Goddess Designs Collection of Jewelry by Abby is designed to portray and honor the goddesses.

"She Who Creates from Her Own Source” represents reclaiming that part of yourself that is deep within - the power and magic at your core. It then encourages you to allow that part of yourself to into the world. It is your human essence, the best and most powerful part of yourself, claim it and let yourself shine!

"The Spiral Goddess Pendant is a powerful reminder that you are a person of unlimited possibilities. On the back of the large Spiral Goddess is a small ritual space with a tree, a small unexpected sanctuary. Allow your conscious self to be projected into it and then breathe slowly and deeply, centering yourself.

Cast from 100% lead-free pewter, The Spiral Goddess Pendant (a contemporary Goddess archetype) was created by Abby Willowroot in 1978. Measures approximately 2 1/4" high.
Includes free cord or chain.

Each of Abby's wands and jewelry pieces are made in California, U.S., with care and skill. Each one is made with the finest materials, positive intent, careful craftsmanship and great energy, everything a fine piece of jewelry deserves... and more importantly... Everything You deserve!