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Steampunk Butterfly Necklace

Represents growth and transformation.
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Totally Wicked! the wands are amazing! these are truly special~! one-of-a-kind caring workmanship + magickal quality+++as the multi-gem rune set which is totally awesome! Thank You All for the mostest rockin magickal supplies + mostest rockin customer service to be found anywhere ;) Peace - Blessings - Luv
Alex - LA, ca
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Steampunk Butterfly Necklace

Delicate beauty combined with mechanics of science create a unique piece of Steampunk Jewelry for your collections! Our Steampunk Butterfly has beautiful detail with engravings on the wing, gears and small accenting crystal gems at the collar. Gears appear at each wing tip and in the place of its head, and its body reveals gear innards. Each is made of lead-free pewter and includes a complimentary chain. Great for a personal accessory; uniquely crafted for every day wear and makes an excellent gift!

The butterfly is well known to represent transformation and is nature's beautiful being of flight. From an egg to transforming from a caterpillar, constantly searching and absorbing its environment. This leads to the cocoon where it seems to die... only to be reborn as the magnificent butterfly which then lays more eggs, continuing the cycle of growth and transformation. Also known for rebirth, joy and slowing down to admire nature's gifts of flowers.