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Tea Kettle 4 inch

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Hi guys:I received my package and was pleased at the neat packaging and timely delivery, and thanks for the little gift.
Lorie Bonnick
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4 inch Cast Iron Kettle

This is a small, plain cast iron tea kettle with a metal loop carrying handle and cast iron lid. Each measures 4 inches x 2 1/2 inches. Cute little kettle for brewing!

Over time, with use and careful seasoning, your kettle will obtain a rich dark color. Be assured that any seams showing, flaking or pitting is natural to cast iron items which are forged and cast in molds. Clean and season as described in the page listed below. With age, use and seasoning any discoloration will slowly blend in.

Each is made for use indoors on an electric or gas stove. See our page "Cast Iron Seasoning" for helpful hints on using and caring for your teakettle.