Thoth Bronze Statue/Candle Holder

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Thoth Candle Holder

Kneeling Thoth with beautiful offering bowl which is also your candle holder. Wonderful detail and painting.
Bronze Statue/Candle Holder is 6 1/4" tall.

Thoth is displayed with the head of an ibis, sometimes you may see him displayed as a full ibis or a baboon.
Known for writing, secrets, knowledge, wisdom, scribes, mediator, lunar, magic creation, messenger of the gods and record-keeper.

From the cosmic egg, (the egg is very common as a symbol of the source of all creation, as in what came first?), the Ibis hatched. The Ibis is Thoth, creater of writing or the heiroglyphs which is the language of the gods. Thoth wrote the Book of the Dead being the Spells of the Gods. The Ibis stands long on one foot so it may be a symbol for concentration/focus.

Here is also a brief bit from Madam Blavatsky: The ibis, sacred to Thot, was held in the greatest veneration. It kills the land serpents and makes havoc among the crocodile eggs, thus saving Egypt from being overrun by these saurians. The black and white ibis was sacred to the moon, because this planet has a dark as well as a light side. Under the form of an ibis Thot watched over the Egyptians and taught them the occult arts and sciences. Maspero affirms that the word "Thot" means ibis. The ibis religiosa is said to have magical properties, in common with many other birds. At all events, he who killed either an ibis or the golden sparrow-hawk risked death. The hawk, the keen-sighted, was the symbol of the sun, of Horus and of the human soul.