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Triple Goddess Altar Tile 9in

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Totally Wicked! the wands are amazing! these are truly special~! one-of-a-kind caring workmanship + magickal quality+++as the multi-gem rune set which is totally awesome! Thank You All for the mostest rockin magickal supplies + mostest rockin customer service to be found anywhere ;) Peace - Blessings - Luv
Alex - LA, ca
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Triple Moon Altar Tile

Silver plated brass 9 inch tile with the triple moon Goddess symbol with a pentacle in the center, accented with leaf designs. Crescent moons are artifully designed into the arms of the pentacle with the full moon in the center. The center of this tile can be used to hold offerings or other items during your ceremony as well as hold a candle!

The pentagram represents elements, spirit, magic and mystery, the triple moon represents the three aspects of the Goddess, and the leafy patterns represent the powers of nature and the earth; all three come together wonderfully to show how completely all are intertwined.
This is a lovely, solid piece for the altar!

The silver plated altar paten measures approximately 9 inches in diameter.

The ritual pentacle tile was traditionally used for protection, blessing other items, and as the focus of strength and meditation while casting spells and other ritual and ceremonial work. Altar pentacles are the feminine, the north and the element of Earth.