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Triple Goddess Candle Holder Stone Finish

This candle holder depicts all aspects of theTriple Goddess for celebrations from spring to winter. Use for strength, courage, protection, understanding, abundance and more.

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This ways first experience ordering with 13 Moons and it was such a good experience. The site makes it so easy to find what I needed. I received my order.within a week and was impressed at the excellent packaging. The personal notes were so unexpected and made me feel special. And the gift was deligjtful. I will definitely make 13 Moons my main supplier Thank you!!! Blessed Be!! Gaea
Gaea DeMarchi
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Dryad Design Goddess Candle Holder in Stone Finish

The Triple Goddess is beautifully depicted, representing three phases of a woman's life. The Maiden emerges gently, like the spring with the waxing crescent on her brow, full of promise, youth and vitality. Graced by the full moon, the Mother stands proud and enraptured. At the height of pregnancy, she is strong, fecund, and as abundant as summer. The wise Crone bends below the waning crescent. Her staff serves as an affirmation of her authority as an elder rather than a sign of frailty. Her eyes twinkle with understanding and mischief. She is the brilliance of the fall leaves before we pass into the dark of the year.

She measures 7 5/8 inches tall x 4 3/8 inches wide and deep. Photo shows three views. Purchase is for one candle holder.

CAUTION! Please Note: Metal Cup Holders may not fit perfectly. Often, the metal cups do not fit the carved replica molded resin candle holders by Dryad Design. No refunds are issued - No returns. This is how they are produced and shipped to us. If the metal cup holders are loose, Dryad Designs recommends 5 min. epoxy.