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T'was the Night Before Yule by Briar

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T'was the night Before Yule

Yuletide Wishes of the Night Before features a resting kitty on a Celtic Rug with a couple of sprites sneaking by. The fireplace is fully decorated with lovely creations of art by Briar from a copper tea kettle to holly with a besom leaning on the mantle and the big elf sneaking in.

T'was the night Before Yule Greeting Card reproduced from original paintings by Briar, one of England's leading mythology artists, the visionary and evocative themes portrayed in these stunning cards are outstandingly some of the best Yule Cards seen on the Pagan market. Their color, beauty, and artistic merit attract a broad range of people who wish to send unusual and original Christmas cards.
Each card is environmentally friendly, printed on recycled paper using vegetable oil-based ink.
4 3/4" x 6 3/4" (121x 171mm).
Produced with matching, printed envelopes.

Inside reads "With Blessings of the Season" on the right. "Merry Christmas" in five languages on the left side: