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Vervain Seeds

Plant a magical garden for money, sleep, keeping away evil and more.

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13 Moons

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Vervain Seeds
Verbena officinalis

Vervain is a medicinal and magical herb to grown in your garden known for love, money, protection and more. It is historically associated with witches and sorcerers; granting magical powers to all who use it.

This lovely plant spreads and grows low to the ground; begins blooming dainty lavender-purple flowers in mid-summer to early fall. Harvest stem, leaves and flowers in late summer.

Vervain for your Magic Perennial Garden

  • Perennial
  • Zones 3-9
  • Germination: Easy
  • Germinates 21-28 days
  • Well drained soil
  • Full to Partial Sun
  • Sow seeds just under the surface, in Spring after ground thaws or late Summer, early Fall
  • Harvest 60-80 days

Magickal Uses:

  • Love
  • Make existing love stronger
  • Keep away evil
  • Enhance spell work
  • Protection
  • Purification
  • Peace
  • Money
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Youth
  • Summer Solstice
  • Sleep
  • Healing
  • Make Van Van
  • Element of Water

1 packet of Vervain seeds in a 13 Moons designed envelope. Approximately 400+ seeds per pack.