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Willendorf Statue

Replica of the great breasted nurturer.
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Thank you very much for these powerful items, and for the felicity of your extremely caring inclusion of the 1" pentagram, the absorbing & eloquent arrangement of your newspaper wadding scrim (whose folds & edges i explicated like I was working through one of the cleromantic mechanisms in the I Ching with haruspictic intention), & for your very kind notes on the 13 Moons magical supplies invoice. I have already been having some far-out experiences with these objects; I am very grateful to you, thank you very much. This shop has the best stuff!!! Thank you! Yours truly,
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Venus of Willendorf Statue 4 3/4 inches

This replica of Venus of Willendorf statue measures around 4 3/4 inches and stands on a round black base. The proud stance of this great-breasted nurturer, one of the earliest religious images of the Mother Goddess, is a powerful reminder that there is a standard for feminine beauty other than the one set by Madison Avenue.

The original piece of this famous early image was found in 1908 by the archaelogist Joseph Szombathy in an Aurignacian loess deposit near the town of Willendorf, Austria. The historic piece now resides in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna..
Noteworthy are her impersonal, featureless face, the dynamism of her curling hair, the profoundly regal sureness of her posture.
Dated to 30,000 BCE, she is both the earliest depiction of the human form and was the first known religious image of the Mother Goddess up until the recent discovery of the Acheulian Goddess

Measures: Stands approximately 4 3/4 inches; dimensions 2 3/8 x 2 1/4 inches. Crafted of resin and is hand painted.

Natural History Museum, Vienna, c. 30,000 BCE