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Willow Wand with Snowflake Obsidian Point

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Wyld Woods

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This was my First Order from 13Moons and i was Pleased when i opened up my Box the way products were packed Amazing... Gems were just start yelling at me Talk to me lol.. Thank you for your Best Customer Service... I will Shop Again...BB
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Willow Wand with Lapis Lazuli Point
Salicaceae spp.

Wand measures approximately 11 inches long, smooth and fairly straight.
Inserted Snowflake Point.

Natural Willow Wands made of Willow, gathered in a traditional sacred manner in the wilds of Saskatchewan and Crafted in the 13 Moons Circle where Sacred means with care for our Earth and your Magickal needs.

Willow has long been associated with the Witch, she is a bending tree whose allows the Witch to bend the world to meet her goals. Wicce ~ to bend.