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Witchcraft Breaker Bath Herbs

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I just received my altar cloth, basil, insence and stones and everything came perfectly packaged! I was so excited when it came in and I'll certainly be ordering from you guys again! Thanks so much!
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Witchcraft Breaker Bath Herbs

Has someone placed a spell on you? Do you feel jinxed? To get rid of the possible spell placed on you use Witchcraft Breaker Bath Herbs. While soaking in the bath tub think about positive influences entering your life and destroying the hex or spell placed on you. Apply protection oil afterwards. Burn protection incense before, during and after your bath.

Package contains 3/4 ounce of perfumed bath herbs: Boil herb contents in a pot of water (approximately 2 quartx of water) to create a "bath tea." Strain the herbs from the water and allow to cool. Add the resulting liquid to your bath. Mix well and stay in tub about 7 minutes while bathing and reflecting on desires.