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Witches Herb Bundle

For your Ritual and Spell Work gathered from 13 Moons.

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13 Moons

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This was my first time ordering from 13 moons. I ordered a new robe. I was amazed to see that my order came with a lovely bracelet. And I love that the receipt was personally signed by a couple of people, it added a very nice touch. I will now shop 13 moons very often! Blessed be!
Michael Benedick
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Witches Herb Bundle

A small bundle of five traditional Witches herbs grown on the land at 13 Moons. This is a small bundle varying between 7-9 inches long. Each is wrapped with a rubber band allowing you to easily add a string or ribbon tie for hanging. Each bundle will vary from photo. For shipping, each is wrapped in recycled newspaper.

  • Mugwort
  • Wormwood
  • Vervain
  • Yarrow
  • Rue

This is an excellent selection of herbs to place on your altar. They can also be separated into each individual herb for ritual or spell workings.

First of the season

We have a limited supply as each herb is grown and gathered from our gardens. When sold out, we will not have more until next Autumn Harvest.

Many blessings from 13 Moons