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Woodland Fox Leather Blank Book

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I've bought all that I couldn't find here (which is almost everything ) that I needed to start out. I used my phone to make all purchases from your website which in turn make it easy for me to get what I need on the fly. I love the packaging and little gifts :) ! I would never go anywhere else for Craft items! You have a loyal customer and will be making another purchase within the week or two. Blessed Be!
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Fox Embossed Journal

by Welsh Artist Jen Delyth

Woodland Fox - Llwynog Goch - is the cunning shape-shifter of the woodlands. She peers through the tangled woods, red tail curling through the bracken ferns, sniffing the autumn air as the resourceful squirrel gathers nuts, and the wise hunter owl watches over the mice hidden in the undergrowth. Fox is a shrewd guide through the mysteries. Owl is solitary wise bird of the night, whose keen sight penetrates the darkness. Squirrel collects the sacred nuts from the Oak Tree - doorway to the mysteries. Woodpeckers sharp beak taps into the Tree of Life for sustenance, as the timid resourceful Mice peep out from their burrow in Mother Earth, carrying her secrets from the Underworld. These are guides through the dark, tangled woodlands of our psyche!

The magical weavings of Welsh Artist Jen Delyth are founded in her deep connection to her Celtic heritage - inspired by the Spirit in Nature, Earth Mysteries and Mythology.

Celtic Art adorns this leather journal along with images of leaves and foxes. As each is hand crafted, the sizes, art and coloring will vary from photo. Each leather book with 136 pages of hand made paper (272 front/back pages) has a unique antique style latch closure. Book measures 5 x 7 inches.