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Violet Honey Pot Jar

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I've bought all that I couldn't find here (which is almost everything ) that I needed to start out. I used my phone to make all purchases from your website which in turn make it easy for me to get what I need on the fly. I love the packaging and little gifts :) ! I would never go anywhere else for Craft items! You have a loyal customer and will be making another purchase within the week or two. Blessed Be!
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Purple - Violet Honey Pot Glass Jar

This creatively designed 1.2 ounce honey pot glass jar is the ideal packaging for all your goodies! Adorable right down to the small raised 'handles' on the sides. Here at 13 Moons, we love this color and shape and it looks great next to the many colors of our Amphoras, Apothecary, Tear Drops, and the Bean Jars! Not only magickal looking, they are economical and store all of the goodies we need to contain from small beads and gems to seeds and herbs!

Each jar has the capacity to hold 1.2 ounces of liquid. When holding spices and herbs this will vary from the liquid capacity depending on the herb or spice. The capacity, as well as size, shape, volume and openings may vary due to the process in crafting each jar. The openings may vary by 1/8 of an inch.

Measures: Height: 2 inches; Length: 2 inches; Width: 2 inches; Opening: 1 1/4 inches
Capacity: 1.2 oz / 36 ml

40% post recycled glass

The colors created on the exteriors of the Honey Pots are obtained by painting the exterior with a lead-free paint and then baked to set and cure. Variations in colors may occur. The bottles are not dishwasher safe due to the fragility of the paint process.