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13 Moons Goddess Altar Cloth

13 Moons Goddess Altar Cloth

Unique Cloth with Moon Phases, Goddesses & Labryinth
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13 Moons Goddess
Labryinth Altar Cloth

This is a beautiful black print on green cloth featuring ancient symbols - a lovely piece of art for your altar. In the center are a labyrinth, 13 moon phases, Drawing Down the Moon Goddesses in each corner and finished with Celtic border and fringe. The labyrinth art is one of the most ancient designs. The maze-like form depicts life and all our struggles of growth and learning. The only way to the true center, enlightenment, is to work though all the blind pathways and seemingly endless twists and turns. Wisdom is in large part perseverance.

Each fringed with fringe measures approximately 18 inches.

Please Note: These are nice cloths made of rayon and excellent prices; however, imperfections and size variations may be found. Refunds are not available unless grossly defective. There may be dye runs, thread runs, variant colors as well as off center print.

As you spread your altar cloth, leave the mundane behind, allow the spiritual, the mystical and the magic to begin.

Altar cloths are used in sacred areas for protection during your rituals. Use a cloth on your altar table to protect the surface, as you turn the mundane into magical. Cloths are used to decorate and create a center to place your Altar Tools. Your focus is on your Altar to honor life, bless your tools and work magic.


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