1842 Poetry Leather Blank Book Small

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Small 1842 Leather Book

1842 Poetry Leather Blank Book bound in beautiful, red hued hand-stitched leather. This fantastic book fits every image of what one might imagine a book of shadows, dream diary, or other such book of occult and mystic wonder should be. And great smaller size from original large version allowing you to travel with your favorite leather book. Its borders are marked with a thick leather cord, the same deep burgundy as the rest of the leather, which weaves in and out in a decorative, providing the only decoration aside from the metal latch that fits upon the front cover, allowing you to close the book without fumbling with leather wraps or knots.

Book measures 3 inches wide x 5 inches long x 1 inch thick.

Within this fantastic exterior you will find blank pages that are completely chemical and acid free, and indeed are not even made of tree-pulp! Each page is made from cotton scraps found at the floor of garment factories and recycled biomass, such as fruit and vegetable husks. Not only is this environmentally sound, but it lends to the book a quality that leaves pou yearning to write every time you glance at it. Pages are stitched into the binding.

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