2 Quart Flat Bottom Cauldron

2 Quart Flat Bottom Cauldron

Large, all purpose cauldron

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2 Quart Flat Bottom Cauldron

Excellent, all purpose cauldron

This is one of our most versatile cauldrons. An excellent choice for offerings, potions, incense, and all your spell crafting needs. This cauldron is made of pure cast iron and is fire and food safe. The flat bottom makes it easy to place when you travel (just use a heat-safe surface!), and the grooves and lines around the exterior give it the perfect amount of flare.

A lid and handle are included making this cauldron great for taking to festivals or parties. Pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil, your cauldron comes to you ready for use and able to last many years.

Cauldrons are used to:

  • Hold Brews
  • Assist in Rituals and Spells
  • Mix Herbs, Resins, and Oils
  • As Offering Bowls

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