3 inch Quartz Crystal Ball

3 inch Quartz Crystal Ball

Each is made with re-constituted quartz crystal and includes a display stand.

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Clear Quartz Crystal Ball
with Display Stand

High Quality Crystal Ball made with 10% re-constituted quartz crystal. Clear Lead-Free Crystal Sphere measures approximately 3 inches; 80 mm. Each sphere has low impurities, distortions, inclusions and bubbles with high clarity. There is no lead used in the process of making them. 

Please Note: Stand may vary from photo. We have various stands from wood to acrylic.

Fantastic Sphere for your magic and fortune telling!

This classic clear crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room.  According to feng shui belief, clear crystal balls not only attract positive energy to a room, but also stimulate existing energy.

Magic of Clear Quartz:

  • Communication Stone
  • Stone of Power
  • Master Healer
  • Amplify energy being worked
  • Prayer/Wish Stone
  • Psychic Work
  • Use for image work; use the stone as a person or object and any color; or as a substitute for another stone.
  • Crown Chakra
  • Meditation
  • Transmit and Transduce Thoughts
  • Transmit and Transduce Energy
  • Amplify Thoughts
  • All Purpose Healer - Great Healing Stone
  • Amplifies your natural healing energies
  • Amplify Intentions
  • Focus Energy
  • Activate Energy

Caution: Do NOT leave in direct sunlight. The magnifying effect of these spheres is strong, and can catch items aflame much like a magnifying glass.


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