A Hundred Ways to Sunday

A Hundred Ways to Sunday

By Robin Rice

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A Hundred Ways to Sunday
by Robin Rice

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One last chance. That is all she had, that is all she'd give.

Internationally published contemporary shaman Robin Rice earns enthusiastic five-stars for this spell binding tale that will keep you up to all hours, then send you off dreaming an entirely new kind of dream!

She was a research scientist desperate to believe in something.

He was trapped in time, waiting for her to remember. With a medicine man, a little boy, and her own past lives to guide her, it just might be possible to find each other again…

Blending a variety of mythological and spiritual traditions, A Hundred Ways To Sunday is a quest through the far reaches of time. It explores the questions all women ask about life, love, and finding meaning in a world gone mad.

From the edges of Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo reservation, through expertly woven shamanic time travels, to a place she can finally call home, Mary Margret’s transformation soon becomes your own.

A love story that tests the very nature of our heart and soul, A Hundred Ways To Sunday is a book that readers return to again and again, finding inspiration and insights on every page. Brilliantly plotted with characters that leap off the page, this is a tale you will remember for the rest of your life. Expect to laugh out loud, cry heartfelt tears, sigh with deep soul satisfaction… and want to start re-reading the minute you finish.


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