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Against Harm Mistic Spray

Use in Home and Business for Protection
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Against Harm Spray
by Mistic

Against Harm Spray is used to protect yourself from harm and evil aimed to hurt you and those around you. Use in your home or business daily to freshen the scent of a room or space as you increase the mystical powers. Use before a ritual or meditation to clear the area; then spray to bring about the qualities needed from Against Harm Spray. We carry a variety of sprays from cleansing, repelling evil to drawing money and luck. envy, hatred, diseases, failures, evil and sorrows.

Use Against Harm Spray for Protection from:

  • Evil
  • Harm
  • Envy
  • Hatred
  • Diseases
  • Failures
  • Sorrow

Ways to use:

  • Freshen a room
  • Clear/Cleanse space before ritual
  • Clear/Cleanse space before meditation
  • Use when incense can not be burned
  • Release mystical powers for drawing and repelling

14.4 ounce; 408 grams aerosol spray.

Sorry, no international shipments for aerosol sprays.