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Agrimony Seeds

Agrimony Seeds

Plant a magical garden for healing, sleep, protection and more.
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Agrimony Seeds
Agrimonia eupatoria

Agrimony has also been called: Common Agrimony, Church Steeples. Cockeburr. Sticklewort. Stickwort, and Philanthropos. From the rose family, the slender spikes of agrimony will grace your gardens with beauty and fragrance. Whether as a border plant in your garden, sprinkled throughout a meadow or in a butterfly garden, the arching leaf stemmed base and small yellow blooms are sure to delight you, butterflies and the fairies. Agrimony arrived here from Europe and has a long history of medicinal uses (from sedatives to relieving fevers) as well as many magical uses.

Seed germination may be a bit tricky, if you are in a warm climate, we suggest refrigerating them for a month to harden before planting. Once rooted and well established, you will find it is quilt strong willed and will enhance your gardens year after year.

Agrimony for your Perennial Garden

  • Hardy in Zones 5 - 9
  • Germination: 10 - 25 days
  • Ease of Germination: Moderate to Hard
  • Sow seeds just under the surface in Spring after ground thaws or late Summer, early Fall.
  • Spring germination can be hastened by placing seed packet in a container or baggie in the refrigerator for 4 weeks.
  • Plant in average, well drained soil
  • Likes Full to Partial Sun
  • Blooms from Summer to early Autumn
  • Grows 20 inches tall or more

Magickal Uses:

  • Sleep
  • Protection
  • Cleansing
  • Healing
  • Turn back jinxes and curses
  • Stop gossip
  • Add with rue to return evil eye to sender
  • Uncrossing Spells
  • Dream Divination; add to dream pillows.

1 packet of Agrimony seeds in a 13 Moons designed envelope. Approximately 30 seeds per packet.


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