Aja Orisha of Forest and Herbs

Aja Orisha of Forest and Herbs

The Soul of the Woodland

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Aja Statue
Orisha of the Forest and Herbs

An Orisha is a spirit that reflects one of the manifestations of God in Africa's Yoruba religion. Many Orishas have found their way throughout the Americas via the Atlantic slave trade and are now expressed in practices as varied as Santeria, Candomble, Trinidad Orisha, and Oyotunji.

Aja also goes by the name "Wild Wind" is the Orisha of the forest and all animals living within it. She also holds the knowledge of potions and herbal medicines and passes on that knowledge through the Yoruba culture.

Aja is considered one of the rarest Earth Gods because she reveals herself to humans and not to harm or scare them. Most deities avoid direct interaction with humans. However, Aja is unlike the others, she extended her help to humans in order to show us the importance of balance in nature. She taught her people the essential respect that humanity must have toward earth.


Aja is Associated with:

  • Goddess of the Forest
  • Herbs and Roots
  • Goddess of Animals
  • Homegrown Healers
  • Potions
  • Shaman
  • Nature

Your Aja Statue is cast in cold cast bronze. Cold Cast Bronze is a unique technique where actual bronze powder is incorporated with polyresin. This combination gives you a sophisticated look for your statue similar to a gallery piece. Your statue will retain a beautiful sheen of bronze at an affordable price. Measures approximately 4.13 (L) x 2.75 (W) x 8.63 (H) Inches


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