Alchemical Mandala Pendant, Limited Supply

Alchemical Mandala Pendant, Limited Supply

Art by Oberon Zell - An outstanding piece of art.


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Beyond the Wonderful Transformation in Alchemical Mandala

Original Design by Oberon Zell, Crafted by Peter Stone Jewelers

From the creative genius of Peter Stone and Celebrated Artist Oberon Zell, this Sterling Silver Alchemical Mandala with Genuine Garnet Gemstone was created with passion and pride for your magical wear.

Very powerful piece of jewelry to add to your treasured collection. Measures approximately 2 inches (5cm). Each pendant includes a chain; style may vary.

Beyond the Wonderful Transformation in Alchemical Mandala Pendant:

What a joy it is to live out of bliss and wonder in the magic of life! Do you feel the excitement to follow what you genuinely want? Now is the time to realize how impeccably infinite you are! You are growing. You are evolving. You are transforming. A caterpillar does not become a butterfly overnight. It climbs the branch. Never gives up. Transformation takes time epitomized by the revered Alchemical Mandala.

The charts for the alchemical journey of self-transformation claims to take the form of a mandala or wheel – a sacred journey that never ends. A mandala is a dynamic guide on the phases of development in which the most essential frame is the four-step diagram referred to as the rotation of the elements. Earth followed by water then by air and followed by fire. We then return to earth. This is the law of nature where Earth, Water, Air and Fire are all equals. One cannot exist with the other.

In your infinite journey, know that you are your own Alchemist. Your life has more meaning even if you are not certain what that is yet. You may be working against the natural order of things or working against nature, you take the shot. You acknowledge the results. You overcome the challenges. You are more than you realize. When you move forward with the power of Mandala, you then discover its amazing strengths deep within.

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