Alchemy of Herbs

by Rosalee de la Foret

Healing with Herbs
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I love this website -- There are so many products here that I cannot easily find anywhere else, and that I definitely have never found for such reasonable prices. My sister introduced me to this site a few months ago and I've ordered at least three packages since then (lots of herbs and crystals I could not find anywhere else, and most recently, my first proper mortar and pestle) and will likely be a customer for a very, very long time. Also, the surprise gift in my most recent package really made my day!! Blessed be!
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Alchemy of Herbs
Transform Everyday Ingredients
Into Foods & Remedies That Heal
by Rosalee de la Foret

Did you know there’s a powerful herbal medicine chest in your kitchen?

Alchemists of old sought to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Now, you can tap into that magic and transform common herbs and spices into incredible remedies that heal. What were once everyday foods and flavorings will become your personal kitchen apothecary.

Imagine being prepared for that next cold, scrape, headache, digestive issue, stressful day, or sleepless night with simple ingredients from your cupboard. Instead of pills, reach for:

  • Cinnamon Tea to soothe your throat
  • Garlic Hummus to support your immune system
  • Ginger Lemon Tea for cold and flu symptoms
  • Cayenne Salve to relieve sore muscles
  • Cardamom Chocolate Mousse Cake for heart health
  • A glass of Spiced Cold Brew Coffee as a powerful antioxidant . . .

In addition to offering dozens of inspiring recipes, herbalist Rosalee de la Foret examines the history and modern-day use of 29 popular herbs, supporting their healing properties with both scientific studies and in-depth research into herbal energetics. You’ll learn how to match the properties of each plant to your own unique needs, for a truly personalized approach to health for you and your family.

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