Brass Altar Bell Plain 5 inch

Brass Altar Bell Plain 5 inch

Beautiful choice to represent the sun and bring warmth to your altar. 
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Brass Altar Bell

Add some warmth to your altar

This attractive brass bell brings a touch of warmth and energy to your altar. Bells are used to represent the feminine (the bowl) and masculine (the hammer) energies. This brass bell with its simple detailing makes an elegant addition to any altar. Brass is associated with the sun and is useful in magic relating to prosperity and power.

This is a wonderful choice for those with earth tones on their altar. Also a great gift, for weddings and festivals. Bells are used to ward off negativity as well as to signify important points in ceremonies. This hand bell is 5 inches tall x 2.5 (12 x 6.4 cm) at widest.

Brass is associated with:


  • The Sun
  • The Element of Fire
  • Prosperity
  • Power

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