Altar Tools

Altar & Ritual Tools

Ritual Altar Cloth - Altar cloths are placed on top of the table to protect the altar surface i.e. spills from chalice, herb sprinklings, wax drippings, etc. Choose an altar cloth with a symbol or design that connects with yourself. Altar cloths are also used to wrap and bundle your altar tools, gems, and/or divination items for safe storage.

Athame - Your ritual knife, traditionally a black handled knife, resides in the East or the right section of your altar. An athame represents the masculine, mind, spirit and thoughts. Use your athame to direct energy, cut energy/spritual ties, casting and closing circles. Your athame can be made of any material; can be stone, wood, metal, etc. You do not normally use the athame to literally cut something.

Functional Blade - You may want a knife for practical use during ceremonies. This is totally optional. This knife is traditionally white handled and used to cut, carve and draw in the earth or on wood and candles.

Ritual Bell - A Ritual bell is used in opening and closing your ceremony or ritual clearing energies and bringing focus. Use your bell to clear energy before, during and after a spell or ritual. Also your bell can be used in rituals for magic and healing as you call upon Gods, Goddesses, deities, as well as elemental powers and energies.

Ritual Chalice - The ritual chalice is used for the element of Water and is feminine, symbolizing the Mother Goddess. Use it to hold any appropriate liquid for your magic: offerings and/or drink. Your chalice is placed in the West: Water Element direction.

Pentacle/Pentacle Tile - The ritual pentacle tile was traditionally used for protection, power, blessing other items, and as the focal point of strength and meditation while casting spells as well as other ritual and ceremonial work. Altar pentacles are usually feminine; of the element Earth and placed in the center of your altar.

Ritual Wand - Magic wands have been used for thousands of years and are still used today in spiritual ways. You may call upon deities to be present within a ceremony; draw the magick circle creating your sacred space; divination; open and close circles; direct energies so that the energy is released in the direction the wand is pointed; and for healing, to draw negative energy from the dis-eased body. The wand is usually associated with air but sometimes also with fire. The wand is placed in the East: Air Element.

Ritual Cauldron - Your cauldron is an important tool traditionally used for cooking and brewing. It represents the Water element, the direction of West and also the Fire element. Use for scrying, incense burning, mixing herbs, oils and brews. Your cauldron normally sits in the West: Water Element.

Ritual Bowl - Your ritual bowl is used to hold offerings to deities; herbs or water if used in ceremony. A small bowl, cauldron or cup can be used.

Ritual Candles - There are different approaches you can take on candles for your altar. You may use all of the suggestions or select what appeals to you. Candles are used to call forth the directional powers.

  • North: Earth: dark colors: black, dark blue, brown
  • East: Air: blue, lavender, white
  • South: Fire: red, orange, yellow
  • West: Water: blue, green
  • Center: Spiritual: Above & Below: white, gold or silver

God & Goddess Candles - As with the bell, the God and Goddess candles are to aid in meditation, centering and calling upon the divine. Often pillar candles are used to represent the God and Goddess, but other types can also be used. Place your candle or candles in the center or to each side of the altar tile or pentacle. Colors for deity candles: silver or white for Goddess and black or gold for God. To call upon the Triple Goddess, you may use white for Maiden; red for Mother and black for Crone.

Book of Shadows - Your Book of Shadows is a book of magical rituals, texts, instructions, spells and recipes. Keep your BOS on your altar or near it for ease of access. When your ritual or ceremony are complete, the altar cloth can be wrapped around the BOS for safe keeping.

God & Goddess Representations - You may use statues, drawings or image candles to represent the divine; creating a personal altar to call upon deities to work with them during spells, rituals and ceremonies.

Ritual Feather - A feather can be placed in the East: Air Element and used to clear and cleanse; open and close the circle as well as for smudging your incense or herbs.

Crystals/Stones/Shells - You may have crystals, stones or shells you would like to include on your altar. Use to aid in grounding, meditating and calling upon their power. Place them in the North: Earth Element.