Tibetan Plate Incense Burner

Tibetan Plate Incense Burner

Lovely Style for Incense Burning
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Aluminum Plate
Incense Burner

This is a lovely Tibetan style incense holder made from heavy recycled aluminum for your cone and/or stick incense. The intricate metal work is beautiful in any setting from office to sacred space. You will see Lotus, other flower and Celtic designs finely crafted.

Floral & Celtic patterns adorn this 4 1/2 inch diameter burner. Each burner can hold 5 incense sticks, as well you could burn cone incense upon this. Rope incense will also burn well on this holder. For burning charcoal type incenses, place a flameproof/heat proof barrier underneath to protect tabletop as the aluminum will get very hot.

Each is handmade in India, please allow for slight variances from photos.


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