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Amber Pendulum

Instant and Sensitive Response with Bearing-Balanced Amber.

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Bearing Balanced™ Amber Pendulum

This unique Bearing-Balanced™ Amber pendulum is an original design. Being bearing balanced means the pendulum chain rotates and swivels on a bearing that is inserted into the top cap (chamber cover). The result is a balanced swing that keeps the pendulum point, "the bob", always aligned with the chain while swinging. This movement provides an instant and sensitive response. The alignment is excellent when using charts, always pointing in harmony with the arc of the swinging pendulum.

The chain is about 5 1/2 inches long. The pendulum bob is about 2 inches long, about 9/16 inches in diameter, and weighs about 15 grams. This would be considered a light weight gemstone pendulum. The small chamber is about 7 mm (9/32 inch) diameter and 5 mm high. More space is available in the chamber cap.

The pendulum metal material and chain is made of nickel plated brass.


  • Bearing Balanced
  • Amber Gemstone
  • Balanced Swing
  • Instant Response
  • Great for using charts
  • Points in harmony with the arc of the swing

Amber is known for:

  • Luck
  • Healing
  • Strength
  • Protection
  • Calming
  • Ridding Depression
  • Rid Fears
  • Rid Anxiety
  • Beauty
  • Love

Please Note: Not all gemstones are the same. Expect some slight variations.

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